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Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) 

  • Increase Lifetime of your steam applications

  • Prevent Corrosion in Boilers and Pipelines

  • Optimise Steam Chemical Composition

Control Your Steam Quality

We are a specialist and reputable manufacturer of sampling & analysis systems for the water treatment and power station market and supplies various types of boiler water quality analysers. ACT offer sampling components, compact sample conditioning systems and complete integrated SWAS analysis systems.

ACT is a total supplier and takes care of the whole process: from engineering to assembly and on-site support. In cooperation with water analyser suppliers we can guarantee an international network of distributors that provide on-site service in your regional and have analyser expertise !

Complete Rack Mounted Steam & Water Analysis System

Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS), Analysis of pH, Conductivity, Silica, Sodium, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphate, Chlorides, TOC for power plant stations

  • For apllications Demi Water

  • Feedwater

  • Condensate

  • Boiler Water

  • LP Drum Water

  • LP/HP Steam

  • Life Steam

  • Main Steam Demi Water

  • LP Drum Water

Screen Shot 2562-06-25 at 16.58.22.png


  • Sample Cooler

  • Flow Restriction Valves

  • Temperature Shut-Off Valves

  • Back Pressure Regulator

  • Cationic Resin Column

  • Hot or Cold Blowdown Valves

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