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Shelter Houses & Enclosures

​From small portable enclosures to walk-in shelter houses, ACT can integrate any size job. General purpose or hazardous areas, NEC, IEC, or ATEX packaging. We can develop your specification or build to your specification. All components are installed both inside and outside. Electrical interfaces are in one, simple to connect location with distribution pre-wired. Calibration gases pre-plumbed.

  • Lighting

  • Electrical Distribution

  • Step-Down Transformers

  • Utility Headers

  • Communications

  • HVAC


Analytical Systems Solutions

Analytical and Control Technology 2000 Co., Ltd. (ACT)  is focused on the total analyzer system from the sample point to sample return. We design, engineer, build, start-up, train and service on-line continuous analyzer systems from wall mounted units to complete shelter houses. Systems can be engineered for use in general purpose and hazardous areas including NEC & CSA Class 1 Division 1, 2 and IEC & ATEX Zones 0, 1, 2.

We are your turnkey source to make any on-line continuous measurement for gas or liquid analysis from simple systems to CEMS compliance.

The Sample Conditioning System

Proper sample conditioning starts at the sample probe; travels through the sample transport umbilical; continues at the sample conditioning panel; completion of the sample conditioning system does not cease until the sample return point.  When temperature is high, then dew point of the gas sample may be above ambient temperature and condensate can alter composition of sample. Therefore, heated sampling probe and sample transport line may be required. Additionally, where ambient temperature is below 32F/0C, sample transport and SCS system must be freeze protected.

Screen Shot 2562-06-25 at 16.58.22.png


  • Sample Cooler

  • Flow Restriction Valves

  • Temperature Shut-Off Valves

  • Back Pressure Regulator

  • Cationic Resin Column

  • Hot or Cold Blowdown Valves

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