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Our services – from spare parts, repairs and maintenance to advanced services, training and partnership offerings  – help to improve productivity, minimize cost, and extend the useful life of products and systems.

Engineering and Maintenance Service

  • Technical Support

  • Design and Engineering

  • Procurement and Material Sourcing

  • Installation and Construction

  • Commissioning

  • Project Management

  • Service Contract (Routine Inspection and Maintenance)

Range of Product Service

Field Instrumentation Analyzer Product 

- Continuous Emission Monitoring     

   Systems (CEMS)
- Water Analyzers

Calibration Service Centre

1. Accreditation Calibration Laboratory No. TLAS:006 

    Permanent Laboratory On-site Calibration 

2. Supply Calibration Equipment and System

  • Pressure / Electrical Calibrator 

  • Temperature / Electrical Calibrator 

  • Multifunction Calibrator 

  • Dead Weight Tester 

  • Dry Block 

  • Liquid Bath 

  • Calibration Software 

  • Calibration Bench Systems 

  • Decade Box 

(The above are from Beamex, Nagman, Meatest, Tek Lab, Paroscientific)

3. Environments Measurement Instruments :

  • Humidity Measurement 

  • Temperature Measurement 

(The above are from Ahlborn)

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