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Parker recommends its fully traceable, USP Class VI compounds for the pharmaceutical industry. Approved for high pressure fittings and featuring alignment tabs for easy installation; these gaskets require no re-torqueing and reduce labor costs.

Sanitary and BioPharmaceutical

• Buttweld, clamp, bevel seat and other

   fitting styles available

• ASME-BPE fittings for use in

   pharmaceutical and biotech applications


• Finishes from unpolished to 10RA

   electropolish available

• A large variety of threaded, socket-weld,

   flanged and DIN adapters is also available

> Sanitary Valves

• Sanitary versions of 3-pc ball, butterfly,

   check and sample valves

• Flow components such as sightglasses

   also available

• Electric and pneumatic actuators with

   options such as limit switches, position

   indicators and solenoid valves

> Sanitary Gaskets

• Sanitary gaskets and o-rings that meet all

   applicable 3A and Pharmacopia Class 6


• Wide variety of size and materials such as

   Buna, EPDM, silicone, PTFE, SFY and

   exotic compounds for specialty


• Color-Grip gaskets available in a variety of

   colors to support SOP programs and

   eliminate cross contamination

• Screen, orifice, metal and sampling

   gaskets for tough or unique applications

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