Discover the excellent capabilities and features of a Smoothflow Pump for continuous metered liquid transfer.

Smoothflow Pumps

Max. discharge volume : 0.1~30L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 15MPa


Ideal for process lines that require rigid control, such as optical film, IT, and high-purity pharmaceutical process lines



Max. discharge volume : 0.009~3 L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 1.5MPa

For metered supply which required in a range of industries and applications including water treatment, coating, laboratory and production line


Max. discharge volume : 5~45L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 0.5MPa

Ideal for metered transfer of difficult-to-transfer chemicals and fluids, such as UV curing resin, urethane resin, and slurries


Max. discharge volume : 1~45L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 0.5MPa

Ideal for transferring food, cosmetics and materials that are prone to deterioration caused by handling, such as concentrated juice, food additives, mayonnaise, and lotions.


Max. discharge volume : 0.05~80L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 1.0MPa

Ideal for long-distance/high-pump-head transfer of various chemicals and fluids, such as water treatment chemicals and polymer coagulants

> PL (Direct-Driven Type)

Max. discharge volume : 0.24~28L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 1.0MPa


Ideal for metered supply/injection of a wide range of chemicals and fluids, for example, long-distance transfer of water treatment chemicals and injection of additives

> PL (Hydraulic Type)

Max. discharge volume : 0.23~31L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 2.5MPa

Ideal for High-Pressure/metered injection of chemicals with highly changeable physical properties, such as emulsions, latex, and slurries

> PL (Plunger)

Max. discharge volume : 0.01~31L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 10MPa

Ideal for High-Pressure injection of boiler-related chemicals and additive injection in resin molding process lines


Max. discharge volume : 0.14~2.5L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 0.5MPa

Ideal for the precision supply process for die coaters of various coating fluids and electrode materials

> Q

Max. discharge volume : 0.1~100mL/min

Max. discharge pressure : 2.0MPa

Compatible with acids, bases and solvents. Precise Liquid Supplying with Trace Amounts in Laboratory Processes!

> High-Viscosity Type

Max. discharge volume : 2~10L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 0.5MPa

A brand-new high viscosity structure pump that was created from the demands of end-users

> High-Pressure Type

Max. discharge volume : 0.8~5L/min

Max. discharge pressure : 50MPa

Liquids are supplied at high-pressure and with a continuous constant flow. Completely sealed structure means no liquid leakage

> Smoothflow System

An ideal fluid control system designed with ultimate precision, taking every factor into consideration

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