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Our industry leading flow instrumentation sets the standard for reliable, repeatable, robust measurements. Rototherm is referenced by the world's key oil & gas players and EPCs and we have an extensive list of successful installations across the world from FPSOs to Petrochemical Plants to Steel Works to Turbomachinery. Our large team of engineers have developed advanced engineering programs to ensure we design the right solution first time for our users application. 

Flow Measurement & Restriction
> Orifice Plate

  • Suitable for a wide range of flow measurement applications in line sizes of 50mm and above.

  • Wide range of materials including exotics such as monel, hastelloy, as well as ceramic.

  • Most common and widely used differential pressure producer.


> Orifice Assemblies
  • Wide range of materials, including ASTM A105NCarbon Steel, ASTM A350 LF2 Carbon Steel,ASTM A182 F316L Stainless Steel as standards

  • Exotic materials used depending on application

  • Ratings from 300 lb to 2500 lb

  • Sizes from 1

  • Corner Tapping Versions Available

> Venturi Tubes
  • Classical Venturi Tubes - usedon applications where a lowpermanent pressure loss isrequired

  • Can be used on clean and dirtyfluid in line sizes from 1

  • Calculation, design andmanufacture to BS EN ISO5167:1

  • Fabricated from plate ormachined from bar/ forgings

  • Flanged or weld-inconstruction

  • Wide range of material grades

  • Calibration service on request

> Meter Runs
  • Typically consisting of a factoryassembled section of pipewith an orifice plate mountedbetween two flanges nearthe bottom third of the run,terminated with a flange ateach end connected to theprocess

  • Can be supplied withtemperature pockets if required

  • Building the assembly in thefactory allows us to control allthe variables which can lead toinaccuracies which can ariseif the system is assembled byuntrained personnel on site

> Orifice Carrier Assemblies
  • Orifice carriers are supplied for applicationswhere existing pipework has no facilities fortappings

  • Wide range of materials

  • Suitable for 1

  • Range of Carrier Types:- Single Ring, Corner Tappings- Double Ring, Flange Tappings- Double Ring, Corner Tappings- Double Ring, Annular Chambers

  • Orifice sizing on request

1 (2).jpg
> Mechanical Recorder (12'')
  • Any Combination of Temperature, Pressure and Flow: 1 or 2 pen

  • 1% measurement accuracy

  • 12 inch chart sizes

  • Panel, wall, pipe mounting or portable options available

  • Battery or mechanical chart drive

  • Very robust and proven design

  • Light weight construction (<10kg)

  • Standard Steel Epoxy coated case or Stainless Steel case available for harsh environments

  • Simple installation and maintenance

> Multi-Stage & Multi-Hole Restriction Orifice Assemblies
  • Cavitation Elimination

  • Preventing flashing in liquid flows

  • Choked flow in gases

  • Noise/Vibration Reduction

  • Permanent Pressure Reduction

  • Feed & Vent Flow

  • Pressure drop

> Restriction Orifice Plates
  • Most common and widely used differential pressure producer

  • Suitable for a wide range of flow restriction measurementapplications in line sizes of 50mm and above

  • Wide range of materials including exotics such as monel,hastelloy, as well as ceramic

  • Orifice sizing on request

  • Proven technology

  • Range of Orifice Types- Concentric Square Edge- Conical Entrance- Quarter Circle- Segmental- Eccentric

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