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Economical solutions in Meters and Shakers ideal for obtaining radial vibration casing measurements. Some rated intrinsically safe for hazardous areas.

Hardy Shaker collage .png
> Shakers
  • The Hardy Shaker ensures that the Seismic Sensors and Transmitters that you have installed are working properly and giving you the results you need.  Just like the pressure and flow instruments in your facility need calibration checks every year, so do your Seismic Sensors and Transmitters.  This system puts the calibration check of those Seismic Sensors and Transmitters within your control, and within your budget.

> Vibration Meters
  • Simple to operate and are ideal for obtaining spot measurements. Features accurate, piezo-electric accelerometer sensor, LCD read-out in acceleration, velocity and displacement and true RMS velocity response.

> Accessories
  • Includes storage cases, accelerometer magnets, headphones, cables, spike detection probes, among others.

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