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As a specialist for high-pressure technology for up to 25,000 bar, we make the extraction of crude oil and natural gas efficient and safe – with high-performance products, single or multi welhead control panels, hydraulic power units and high-pressure systems for testing and production purpose in surface and subsea applications.

Oil and Gas Technology
> Valves, Fittings and Tubing up to 10,500 bar
  • Reliable and high-quality components made of high-strength materials are essential elements of the equipment for high-pressure applications. Valves, fittings and tubing from Maximator for onshore and offshore production projects are designed for productivity and secure system operation.


> High Pressure Units and Components for Fluids
  • High-pressure pumps and systems from Maximator allow reliable testing of pressurised hydraulic equipment and components in oil and gas drilling and production operations. The compact units and systems also assume functions such as the calibration of pressure measuring instruments, the supply of pressure to hydraulic wellhead control systems for well equipment or chemical injection.


> High Pressure Units and Components for Gas
  • Imperative for the oil and gas production, often a challenge in practice: compressing technical gases. Maximator high-pressure gas boosters and booster stations set the fluids exactly to the process requirements and generate high gas pressure levels up to 2,400 bar reliably - directly on site.


> Mechanical Seal Supply Systems
  • Gas or liquid sealed: mechanical seals keep pumped media safely in the system for numerous processes in the oil and gas production sector. Supply units guarantee that the dynamic seals function to the optimum under tough conditions by cooling, flushing, applying pressure and compensating leaks – on drill platforms and on FPSO ships, as well as in subsea production systems.


> Workshop Test Equipment
  • Thanks to innovative technologies, the oil and gas industry now exploits sources which until recently seemed totally inconceivable. For suppliers of on- and offshore exploration production systems first rate test equipment is the key to success: it allows them to provide reliable proof of the safety, durability and performance of their technologies under operational conditions.


> Wellhead Control Panels
  • Blowout preventer and wellhead equipment allows specific access to subsea production facilities – to remove crude oil or natural gas as well as to inject fluids or gases. Our MAXIMATOR Surface Wellhead Control Panels allow users to control, in a safe way, all the hydraulic or pneumatic functions installed on the Xmas Tree.
> Customized Wellhead Control Panels
  • Maximator Customized Wellhead Control Systems allow the complex structure of the wellhead equipment to be controlled at deep sea levels – a fundamental requirement for oil and gas production in difficult-to-access reservoirs and complex exploration processes.


> Hydraulic Power Units
  • A clean hydraulic system is imperative for constant and precise valve performance in subsea production systems. Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) provides an optimised power supply – even for kilometre-long umbilical and subsea distributor stations. Installed on onshore and offshore platforms or FPSO vessels, the units secure the production operations.


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