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High Pressure Compressors for breathing air

High-pressure compressor for breathing air and gas mixing technology 

  • High pressure compressors for breathing air,

  • Compressor accessories,

  • Filter and accessories,

  • Gasblending systems,

  • Tools and accessories

Maximator offers a wide range of products for professional and semi-professional applications. We offer professional solutions for hobby divers / professional divers, breathing protection, fire services, disaster control teams, aviation industry, competitive shooting or general industrial and commercial applications.

MAXIMATOR is your contact partner for transportable and stationary breathing air compressors, high-pressure compressors, oxygen/helium/argon/ air booster systems, high-pressure filter systems, gas mixing technology used to produce breathable gas mixes such as NITROX and TRIMIX by means of partial pressure, diaphragm systems or electronically controlled constant flow systems through to automatic filling stations. 

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