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The ROB-Series is designed for users who need to compress Oxygen up to 300 bar in the most easy and effective way. Professional Divers are using the boosters of the ROB Series to fill Oxygen bottles or to mix gases for the technical diving as well as Fire and Emergency stations are committed to the quality of these compact boosters.

Rebreather Oxygen Booster
> ROB 22 (-HL)
  • The low price Booster is the entrance for an ambitious diver or a small group. As an option, this booster can be supplied with a manual handle (-HL Version) to top up bottles manually.


> ROB 32D
  • MAXIMATOR now offers a new high class Booster. More power, faster and with an optimized compression ratio for user, who will not do any compromises in case of flow. This double acting Booster gives an optimum flow and offers unique performance in this range.


> ROB 8-37
  • The ROB 8-37 is a 2-stage Booster for filling and compression of oxygen. A stable flow with low inlet pressures of 10-20 bar gives optimal flows for professional application.


> SDLE 20
  • This booster is well approved in continuous industrial applications. Designed for professional equipment and continous duty this booster is relatable and used in various applications. Because of big volume per stroke the compression of gas requires only a few strokes.
> ROB 5-30 Station
  • The MAXIMATOR-Booster station will be used for the compression of breathing air and oxygen. Oxygen bottles for the diving industry will be filled up to 200 bar. The complete Station is installed in a stainless steel protection frame. All operation devises are installed in a panel.


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