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Cloud Solutions


JofraCloud is a new way to perform remote reading and setting of our temperature calibrators over an unlimited distance. JofraCloud is a gateway that has transmission coverage equal to a smartphone.

The data is presented as a copy of the calibrators display, and can be viewed at The webpage is accessible via a browser on any device - PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The gateway can be attached to any RTC or PTC calibrator and reads data from the calibrator every 2 seconds.

* Remote Setpoints – Select a new temperature setpoint on your calibrator using your device.
* Documented Stability Reporting – When the calibrator reaches the set temperature and gains stability, an emailed report

   will be sent to your controlling device.  
* On Demand Reporting – Generate a timestamped emailed report at any time. 
* When using JofraCloud from your PC, you can get an audible notification when the calibrator reaches stability.
* Control and communicate up to 5 calibrators simultaneously with a single Gateway.
* Print a timestamped PDF as documentation.

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