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Pressure Fittings

CPF Fittings and Hose are a new line of quick-test pressure fittings for calibration and test applications designed with an emphasis on safety.

Crystal Pressure Fittings (CPF) perform up to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar, and feature a safety weep hole to alert you before you accidentally disconnect from a pressurized system. It can also be used as a bleed point. 

Each fitting is machined in 316 Stainless Steel and laser markings indicate the fitting type, size, part number, and Maximum Allowable Working Pressure to prevent a mismatched connection.

An industry-first patented o-ring connection allows CPF Fittings to maintain a leak-free seal up to 10 000 psi with only finger-tightening. This offers an alternative to commonly-used NPT Fittings, which require technicians to wrap their fittings in thread tape and use a wrench to tighten each installation. Unlike other quick-change fittings, the O-rings in CPF Fittings are also easily replaceable.

New! We have added a new line of BSP fittings, including the industry's first 1000 bar finger-tight fitting.

• Purpose-designed for testing and calibration
• 2 seals: Use fingers for an o-ring seal or use a wrench for a metal to metal cone seal (good to -40°C)
• Laser marked: Thread type, size, and MAWP
• Interchangeable (wrench tight) with HIP* and Autoclave Engineers** medium pressure (1/4”) series fittings and adapters.

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