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Hydraulic Driven Boosters
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The hydraulic driven boosters type HDLE are suitable for the compression of industrial gases and hydrogen. Four different basic models cover pressure ranges from 50 bar up to 900 bar. The flow rate remains constant over the entire pressure range. 

The HDLE Series booster can be operated at a maximum temperature of 100°C. They are used in the automotive, energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and oil and gas industry (onshore and offshore) to increase the gas pressure for a wide range of applications to the required working pressure.

Maximator HDLE booster at a glance

  • four basic models are available that cover different pressure ranges

  • HDLE 2 up to 50 bar, HDLE 5 up to 100 bar, HDLE 15 up to 300 bar, HDLE 30 up to 900 bar

  • the flow rate remains constant over the entire pressure range

  • HDLE Series boosters with double stroke length are available for higher flow applications

  • Hydraulic boosters are delivered as customized packages including the hydraulic supply unit

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