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MAXIMATOR GmbH successfully develops complex systems in high-pressure and testing technology, hydraulics and pneumatics and has been the market leader in these segments for decades. As a specialist in high pressure technology up to 25,000 bar, we pursue the aim of optimally supporting each and every customer with our products to develop business potential.

Testing and Production Systems
> Composite Cylinder Testing Technology

Many components for the development of future technoloies like CNG and H2 are exposed to extreme pressure. We face the challenges of alternative drives with innovative highpressure-tests.


> H2 testing technology

Precise tests on components carrying hydrogen make a valuable contribution to environmentally-friendly innovations in vehicle construction. Tested components that fulfil the legal specifications are important elements in the development of future technologies for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

Autofrettagemaschine.jpg (1).jpg
> Autofrettage Technology

Autofrettage is a manufacturing process for highly pressurised components. Industry branches such as shipping, aviation or heavy vehicle constructions use the innovative technology to significantly increase the service life of components and therefore reduce costs.

> Fatigue Testing Technology

With the pressure fatigue testing conducted on Maximator´s highly engineered impulse test benches the fatigue strength of materials and components is established under realistic conditions. In the automobile industry and in mechanical engineering, they allow the initial and calculation concepts (FEA and simulation) to be reviewed to optimise the construction and design of components in diesel injection technology and to validate it.

> Leak Testing Technology

Pressure and leak tests are efficient methods for analysing the functional and tightness properties of pressurised components. Manufacturers in the automobile industry, mechanical engineering and chemical industry determine product and component characteristics with this method.

> Plastic Component Testing

Qualified test procedures for plastic components pave the way for safe basis innovations in vehicle construction. Special test systems make load tests on these components possible in running production operations, which allow the vehicle weight to be reduced and contribute to savings in fuel.

> 15,000 bar Valves, Fittings and Tubings
  • Pneumatic actuated needle valve for safe pressure release

  • Fittings

  • Tubing and Nipple

  • Adapter

  • Accessories

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