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Qwik Turn Service Kits

AMOT now offers a new and complete line of Service Kits for thermostatic valves. The Service Kits include all the components necessary to conduct complete servicing of AMOT Temperature Control valves, including new temperature control elements and seals.

Thermostatic temperature control valves (TCV) play a key role in the performance of your engines, turbines and compressors. Whether fitted on your jacket water, lube oil or charge air system, temperature control is vital for proper operating performance and equipment longevity. In fact, temperature control has a direct and significant impact on emission control, operating efficiency and bearing life of your capital equipment and supported processes.

Thermostatic temperature control valves are a rugged, reliable and repeatable means of controlling your vital fluid temperatures. But the ability of your temperature control valve to maintain a constant temperature can fade over time. Prolonged operation at extreme temperature, pressure and flow can reduce the effectiveness of your TCV, as can exposure to foreign chemicals and particulate matter. Film and scale can develop on internal mechanisms, components can wear, corrode or fatigue and elastomeric O-rings can harden or swell. Degradation of components can eventually cause a degradation in valve performance. And as temperatures begin to stray from your desired set point, your engine or turbine performance begins to suffer.

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