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A world leader in circular chart recorders, Rototherm has become the standard for accurate, reliable measurement across numerous industries such as Gas Transmission, Oil & Gas, Refining & Petrochemical, Heat Treatment, Dairy and Plastics. 

Circular Chart Recorders
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> Pens, Charts & Accessories

A complete range of charts, pens and accessories suitable for all Rototherm recorders are kept in stock, many of our accessories are interchangeable with other manufacturer’s recorders.


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> Electronic Recorder

The Sentinel range of microprocessor based circular chart 
recorders is available in 1, 2 and 3 channel version. 

Sentinel combines the simplicity and clarity of pen drawn traces together with the versatility of microprocessor control. 

Each channel is equipped with a universal signal input which 
is compatible with all industry sensor and signals including 
thermocouple and RTDs. 

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> Mechanical Recorder (9'')

The RPO/RTO continues to be an extremely reliable and versatile chart recorder supplied in robust steel case. 

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> Mechanical Recorder (12'')

The Clearscan range of recorders are suitable for most 
industrial applications. 

Each recorder uses a proven and reliable Rototherm temperature, pressure or differential pressure system. As well 
as being easy to install and maintain, the Rototherm Clearscan 
range of recorders offer excellent value for money. 

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