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Parker provides a series of Bleed Valves that are designed for use on products such as multi-valve manifolds,or gauge/root valves. Functionally, the valve vents line pressure either to atomsphere or to containment when used with optional barbed vent tube.Bleed valves are used whenever an instrument is removed from a system or to assist in the calibration of control devices.

Bleed and Purge Valves
> BV Series

• Recommended for use in bleeding

   hydraulic systems

• Valve vents line pressure to atmosphere or

   to containment


• Multi-valve manifolds or gauge/root valves

> PG Series

• Vent hole in the cap bleeds, drains or

   purges system pressure

• Optional PTFE ball requires only finger-

   tight torque to achieve a leak-tight seal

• Crimped cap ensures safe relief of system


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