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Parker’s selection of tooling, equipment, and accessories for hose and tubing specifications is unmatched within the industry. From flanges to sealants, protectors, grips, guards and more, we are the global leader in motion and control technologies. Your investment in your product will be protected and secured, extending equipment life while providing a safe and productive environment.

Tools and Accessories

• High quality hand benders, tube cutters,

   deburr tools and preset tools

• Tube benders from 1⁄8" to 1" size

• Tube cutter rated for 316 stainless steel



• Par-Lok® wrenches with 360° snap-action

   for flexibility

• Preset installation kits for assembling tube

   fittings in close spaces

> Sample Cylinders

• 1,800 psig (124 barg) DOT rated sample


• Stainless steel construction

• ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 internal pipe threads

> Texas Thermowells

• Flanged thermowells are available in

   partial penetration and full penetration


• Each thermowell is stamped to provide full

   material traceability

• Teflon® coating and Wake Frequency

   Calculations available

• Wide variety of special alloy material in

   stock ready for manufacturing

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