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Reference Temperature Sensors
> DLC System

• Control the lower section of the insert to

   within a few hundredths of a degree
• The DLC indicator shows that the dual-

   zone is active and working
• A DLC checkmark is present when

   temperature homogeneity is achieved

• Save time by calibrating several sensors

• Calibrate large diameter sensors without

   losing accuracy
• Aligning the thermos-sensitive part of the

   sensor is no longer needed

> STS Series Reference Sensors

• Wide temperature range of -100 to 700°C
• High system accuracy of ± 0.04°C when

   combined with RTC Calibrators
• Long-term burn-in procedure up to 650°C

• Perfect for dry-block calibrators

• Special 90° angled probe to make room for

   sensors under test
• Special short sensor for short and sanitary

• Accredited certificates up to 650°C as

   standard delivery

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