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Durable, leak free fluoropolymer products are used in a variety of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, chemical / food / pharmaceutical / biomedical processing, as well as analytical instrumentation.

PFA/PTFE Products

Fluoropolymer Components 

Partek fluoropolymer products are recommended for applications that encounter pressures below 120 psig (8.27 barg), and corrosive media at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C). Fluoropolymer valves and fittings offer corrosion protection and are used to ensure media/system purity. The wetted surfaces of all products are of chemically inert corrosion resistant PFA or PTFE. Partek products are available from 1⁄8" up to 1" in size.

  • Parflare PFA Tube Fittings: Parflare fittings provide low dead volume, which decreases the possibility of particle entrapment and bacterial growth.

  • Pargrip PFA Tube Fittings: Perfect for applications where ease of assembly is a requirement. Grooved tubing is not required.

  • Parbond PFA Fusible Pipe Fittings: Parbond fittings welded design eliminates threaded connections and entrapment areas and creates a leak free connection.

  • PFA Pipe Fittings: Available in a variety of configurations, all with standard NPT threads.

  • PFA Valves, Gauge Protectors, Thermocouple Fittings and Spray Guns: High cycle life, all fluoropolymer construction, with application tested and proven designs.

  • PTFE Valves, Regulators, and Flowmeters: Wetted areas are manufactured from fluoropolymer material which offers unmatched corrosion protection and high cycle life.

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