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Parker Needle Valves are designed for positive ,leak tight shut-off and regulation of fluids in process,power, and instrumentation applications.

Needle Valves
> V Series

• For positive leak tight shut-off and

   regulation of fluids

• Choice of three stem types


• Wide variety of size and end connections

> SN6 Series

• Provides shut-off and coarse regulation of

   liquids and gases

• Choice of two stem types

• In-line and angle patterns

• Ideal cylinder valve

> VQ Series

• In-line and angle patterns

• Panel mountable

• Color-coded handles

• Quick actuation for low pressure


> NP6 Series

• Choice of two non-rotating stem types

• Packing below power threads

• Panel mountable

• Fracture resistant nylon handle

> PV Series

• Roddable, straight through flow path

• Gauge port option

• Bonnet lock plate resists accidental bonnet


• PEEK™, Acetal, PFA seat materials


> U Series

• Stem packing below the threads isolates

   the thread lubricant from the flow

• Severe service applications

• Panel mountable

• Ideal for steam blowdown

> HNV Series

• Compact needle valves

• For applications up to 10,000 psi (690 bar)

• Available with integral A-LOK® or CPI™

   connections, reducing leak paths and

   reducing installation costs

• Soft tipped optional seating available for

   gaseous applications

> RPV Series

• For fluids containing high levels of

  contamination frequently found in oil and

  gas processing facilities

• Straight through flow pattern, roddable


• 100% repeatable bubble tight shut off

> HGV Series

• Up to 10,000 psig (690 barg)

• Compact single and multi port gauge


• Soft tipped optional seating available for

   gaseous applications

> 20K H-Series

• Designed for cold working pressure

   applications of up to 20,000 psi (1,379 bar)

• Non-rotating spindle for bubble tight shut


• Externally adjustable gland

• Fine threaded stem raiser gives increased

   stem sensitivity and accuracy

• Tru-Loc® anti-vibration locking system on

   gland adjuster for 100% security

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