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The Flowmeters, Flow Tubes, Metering Valves and Flow Controllers unique line of control components recognized as the industry standard for critical applications in the analytical, medical, semiconductor, chemical/petrochemical, water treatment, air quality monitoring and fuel cell industries.

Flow Controllers
> Gas Mass Flow Controllers

• Models available with flow ranges of 0-5

   sccm to 0-1000slpm N2

• Responds to a step change in setpoint in

   less than one second

• Accuracy options down to 1% of rate

• Available with Analog or Digital I/O

   including ModBus, ProfiBus and DeviceNet

• Local or remote setpoint and display


> Variable Area Purgemeter

• Variable area flowmeters include 65mm

   and 150mm scale length tube assemblies

• Available in either forged body or side-

   plate construction

• Interchangeable flow tube assemblies and

   valves allow configuration changes without

   removal from process system

> LC223S

• High pressure gas or liquid flow controller • For liquid chromatography, chemical

   injection and sampling

• Provides constant flow with varying

   downstream pressure

• Wide flow range: from 25scc/m to 40 slpm

> SC423XL

• For air and analyzing sampling systems

• Reliable, adjustable precision flow control

   as low as 1scc/m

• Stable flows over a wide temperature band • Consistent flow control as vacuum

   pressure changes from 28 in. Hg to 5 in. Hg

> VCD-1000

• Turn vs. flow relationship is linear

   regardless of pressure fluctuations

• Flow rates from 5sccm to 1,500sccm

• Standard panel mount configuration

> Severe Duty Gas Mass Flow Controllers

• NEMA 4X / IP66 certified and available in

   Class1, Div. 2, ATEX Zone 2 and IEC Ex

   certified versions with industry standard


• Available with Analog or Digital I/O i

   ncluding ModBus, ProfiBus and DeviceNet

• Models available with flow ranges of

   100sccm to 100SLPM and accuracy of 1%


> Acrylic Flowmeters

• Brass, PVC or stainless steel process


• Metering tube of machined cast acrylic

• Scales can be produced in any volumetric


> Glass Tube Flowmeters

• Available in 35 flow ranges in 6 tube sizes

• Industry standard dimensions

• Latching reed switch alarm option

> Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeters

• Multiple process connection options

   including NPT and ANSI flanges

• Optional inductive slot sensor alarms and

   4-20 mA transmitter

• 316SS, Monel® or Hastelloy® construction

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