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Parker offers a wide range of high performance, economical diaphragm and bellows valves for semiconductor, ultra-pure water and aggressive chemical and gas applications. Our valves ensure clean, reliable operation with high cycle life, resulting in less downtime and lower replacement costs. Parker valves are available in various types, materials and configurations to meet your exact needs.  

Diaphragm Valves
> NV17

• For positive leak tight shut-off and

   regulation of fluids

• Choice of three stem types


• Wide variety of size and end connections

> NV55

• Provides shut-off and coarse regulation of

   liquids and gases

• Choice of two stem types

• In-line and angle patterns

• Ideal cylinder valve

> FS190

• In-line and angle patterns

• Panel mountable

• Color-coded handles

• Quick actuation for low pressure


> 16 Series

• Choice of two non-rotating stem types

• Packing below power threads

• Panel mountable

• Fracture resistant nylon handle

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