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Parker nitrogen generators for Analytical Instruments deliver high-purity nitrogen, up to 99.999% pure, in a variety of flow rates to supply single or multiple instruments.

Analytical Systems
> Vent Master™

• Pre-engineered compact instrument panel

   that includes regulators, gauges,

   rotometer, an eductor and a separate

   pressure controller

• Creates a stable pressure within the

   analyzer shelter vent header system

• Provide analysis accuracy with .06% over a

   vent header flow of 0-18SLPM

> IntraFlow™

• ISA/ANSI SP 76.00.02-2002 compliant

• Modular process analytic sample system

   and lab fluid delivery system platform

• Factory system design support

• Wide selection of top work components

   including valves, regulators, filters, stream

   switching and more

• Pressure rating from vacuum to 3,600 psi (248 bar)

> R-max™

• Surface mount technology for stream

   switching valves

• Low internal volume to reduce system

   purge time

• Low pressure actuation of valves-40 psig


• Rated from vacuum to 500 psig (34 barg)

> Change Over System

• Compact turnkey module designed for

   continuous gas management

• Optional outlet regulator to control

   application specific outlet pressure

• Audio/visual alarm annunciator available

• Available in 316L stainless steel and brass

• Suitable for oxygen service


• Compact turnkey module designed for

   continuous gas management

• Outlet regulator to control application

   specific outlet pressure

• Maximum inlet pressure of 3,000 psig (207

   barg) with 4 delivery options

• Available in 316L stainless steel and brass

> Pilot Pro

• Communication interface for process

   sample conditioning systems

• Applications include: Logic Control, I/O

   Module Application, Non-Hazardous PLC

   and I/O Interface, Solenoid Valve Control

• I/O capability up to 24

• Accommodates multiple PLC types

• Allows use of basic analyzer systems

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